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Homes for the Dying (Comfort Care Homes)

Hospeace House, Inc.

7824 County Road 33
Naples, NY 14512
P: 1-800-253-44399
Contact: Ontario-Yates Hospice 


With the compassionate support of our highly skilled multi-disciplinary team of professionals we support the individual and families with pain and symptom management, coordination of care with primary care physician and Hospice Medical Director, and skills needed to manage the care at home or setting of choice.

Ontario-Yates Hospice is a private not-for-profit program certified by Medicare and licensed by the State of New York and is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Ontario-Yates Hospice is reimbursed through the Medicare Hospice Benefit, Medicaid and commercial insurances and special fundraising activities. Patients are never billed for care not covered by insurances. We offer care with an emphasis on pain relief and symptom management.


House of John

14 Spring Street
Clifton Springs, NY 14432
P: 315-462-5646
Contact: Carole A. Jensen, Director, or Danese Grigg


Our residents come to the House of John and receive 1:1 care twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week at no cost to them. Their insurance pays for their medications and supplies. We work in concert with their medical providers and doctors.

Our staff is composed of a dedicated corps of volunteers. We employ a full time Director/RN Coordinator, a part-time LPN, and a full time Volunteer Coordinator. This staffing allows the family to be as involved as they wish in the care of their loved one. It also allows them to be “family” and not have the burden of being the full-time caregiver. We provide the resident and the family with guidance and support to make the final journey.

At House of John, we take into consideration the losses the dying person has already suffered. The emphasis is on enhancing the quality of the remaining life, and allowing as many choices as possible. We do this with great sensitivity and in a manner that validates and affirms their life.

Serenity House

1278 Brace Road, Victor, NY 14564
P: 585-924-5840
Contact: Josie Levy, Director





Serenity House provides specialized care for the terminally ill, their families and loved ones. Our home, comfortable and tranquil, is an ideal alternative to hospitals, nursing homes, and in-house care. Here at Serenity House, our primary concern is for preserving the quality of life that one has left.

Care administered focuses on controlling pain, as well as helping residents and their families come to terms with the often overwhelming emotional and spiritual issues they may be encountering.

Serenity House is a place where residents can gracefully live out the remaining days of their lives. It is a place of hope and love where families and friends can learn to cope with their loss.