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Inpatient Hospice Care

While most hospice care is provided at home, in a home for the dying or comfort care home, or in a nursing home, hospice care may also be provided in an inpatient setting. Inpatient hospice care can be provided in either a designated unit called a hospice unit or in a "scatter bed" at a hospital. Hospice inpatient care is available for individuals needing help in controlling pain, their symptoms or for those whose family is exhausted or in crisis and needing respite. It is usually used for the last two weeks of a person’s life. Inpatient hospice care is also appropriate for persons already admitted to a hospital who are actively dying. Inpatient Hospice care always depends on bed availability. Hospice will search for an available bed, call you back, and arrange for transportation if necessary. The Hospice staff tries to arrange for care in the site of your choice, but sometimes beds are scarce or not available. 

The Lifetime Care Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center

Hospice Care Center Photo

  • Locally, this is the first 11-bed free-standing hospice facility in Rochester.  The Lifetime Care Hildebrandt Hospice Care Center creates the sense of welcoming and individual care that people need at the end of life. 
  • The LIfetime Care Hildebrant Hospice Care Center is located at 2652 Ridegeway Avenue, so close to Unity Hospital, it will ease the transition from acute care to hospice care for patients, families and their physicians - reducing a major barrier to hospice care. 
  • For further information please view or call (585) 214-1000.

The Palliative Center for Caring

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  • The Palliative Center for Caring offer patients and their families needed expert care and services in a place that is warm, comforting and peaceful.  The first of its kind in Rochester - one located in a skilled nursing facility - the Center meets a vital community need by providing end-of-life services to address pain, symptom and crisis managment for patients who would otherwise require hospitalization.  Additionally, the specially trained staff works to address individual psychosocial and spiritual issues with patients and family members.
  • Located on a private floor in The Heritage on St. Ann's Irondequoit campus, this five-bed impatient unity welcomes individuals coming from their homes or the hospital; a sixth room functions as a living/lounge area for families and visitors.  The Center provides a full range of physical, emotional and spiritual support from highly trained VNS and St. Ann's Community medical personnel, therapists, social workers and pastoral care staff, along with pharmacy services.  If desired, caregivers may receive a respite from volunteers or staff, accessing a private lounge, common areas throughout the campus, including the lobby filled with greenery, cafe, library with internet access, St. Ann's Chapel and peaceful walking paths.
  • The Center serves as a model for future patnerships with the intent of strengthening and expanding hospice care in our community.  The Center is located at 1450 Portland Ave., Rochester, New York 14621.  To make a referral, please call (585) 787-8315.