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Prepare for Your Visit

Questions to Answer

Below are some questions for you to answer about your pain to help your doctor or nurse better understand it. You may also wish to print a printer friendly copy of Prepare for Your Visit [pdf]. If you are planning on going to the doctor, it may be helpful to answer these questions in advance and bring your answers with you into the office.
  • Where is your pain?
  • How does your pain feel?
  • How often do you have pain?
  • What time of day is your pain the worst?
  • What gets your pain started?
  • Does your pain stay, or come and go?
  • What makes your pain better?
  • What makes your pain worse?
  • What have you tried that makes your pain better?
  • Does your pain make you sad?
  • What do you think causes your pain?
  • Does pain cause you problems with your personal needs such as getting dressed, combing your hair, shaving, bathing, or eating?
  • What medications have you used in the past for your pain?

Pain Rating Scale

Your doctor may ask you to rate your pain using a scale like the one below:
Choose a face that best describes how you feel.