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Advance Care Planning: Life Expectancy of Less than One Year

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Bomba, JNCCN 4(8), 2006

Start Educate about Importance of Advance Directives Obtain Copy of Completed Advance Directives Provide Information on Advance Directives Assess Barriers to Completing Advance Direcitives Reinforce Needed Updated Advance Directives Encourage Patient to Discuss Wishes with Family Work to Overcome Barriers Are There Barriers to Completing Advance Directives Assess Appropriateness Of Disignated Health Care Agent Are the Advance Directives Up-to-Date? Motivate Completion of Advance Directives Discuss Palliative Care Options Including Hospice Inquire about Organ Donation and/or Autopsy Complete MOLST Form Reassess Periodically or as Needs Change Consider Introducing the Palliative Care Team