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Electronic Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment in New York State

eMOLST is a secure web-based application that allows enrolled users to complete the eMOLST form, MOLST Chart Documentation Form (CDF) and mandated OPWDD Checklist for persons with developmental disabilities who lack capacity.  CDFs document the MOLST discussion including the patient's values, beliefs and goals for care, the ethical framework for medical decisions regarding withholding and withdrawing life-sustaining treatment, and legal requirements.  Forms are created as pdf documents that can be printed for the patient and paper-based medical records, stored or linked to from an EMR, and become part of the NYS eMOLST registry. 

The New York eMOLST Registry is an electronic database centrally housing MOLST forms and CDFs to allow 24/7 access in an emergency.

eMOLST allows for electronic completion of the current New York State Department of Health-5003 MOLST form.  By moving the MOLST form to a readily accessible electronic format and creating the New York eMOLST Registry, health care providers, including EMS, can have access to MOLST forms at all sites of care including hospitals, nursing homes and in the community.

To begin using eMOLST at your organization, please contact Dr. Pat Bomba ( and Katie Orem (

Getting Started with eMOLST at Your Organization

eMOLST Application Tutorials

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Completing the eMOLST form

Major eMOLST Updates

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