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MOLST and FHCDA Webinar Series

Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment - Professionals

The first in a series of webinars began in September 2010 with the featured topic of MOLST and Family Health Care Decisions Act (FHCDA).  Each webinar is sponsored by the NHDD New York State (NYS) Coalition and the              MOLST Statewide Implementation Team.

The NHDD NYS Coalition aims to; increase conversations that lead to completion of health care proxies and raise awareness of the MOLST Program.  The MOLST Statewide Implementation Team was convened on May 2010 to support implementation of the new DOH-5003 MOLST form and FHCDA.

Upcoming Meetings and Conference Calls and Webinars

Permanent Call-in Number:  1-800-747-5150
Passcode: 2384514
Note:  All participants should test their PCs compatibility prior to a Webinar.  This is very important because if you do not have "Java" loaded into your PC, you will not be able to see the computer screen sharing.

Recorded Webinars
Click on the link of the Webinar you’d like to view.  Fill in your information, click "Submit" and hit "Play".  


  • Incorporate FHCDA, MOLST and Palliative Care Information Act (PICA):  System Implemention in the Physician Office [ pps ]
  • Application of MOLST for Care Transitions [ pps ]
  • FHCDA and Ethics Review Committee Training [pps]
  • Capacity Determination [pps]
  • MOLST and FHCDA [pps]


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