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The Community Principles of Pain Management (CPPM) were developed by the CPPM Specialty Advisory Group (SAG) initially in 2002, and are reviewed and approved every other year by the SAG.  The CPPM were approved by the Quality Management Committee (QMC) in July 2014, with the next revision scheduled for 2016.

Guideline & Professional Tools

2014 Complete Community Principles of Pain Management (CPPM)
Community Principles of Pain Management


Adult Guide - 2014
Faces Pain Scale – Revised (FPS-R)
FPS-R Instructions
Equianalgesic Table for Adults (tri-fold pain card) - 2014
Methadone Conversion Guideline 


Pediatric Guide - 2014

Equianalgesic Table for Pediatrics (tri-fold pain card) - 2014

Bedside Nursing Assessment 

Addiction & Misuse

Trainings from the National Institutes of Health: National Institute on Drug Abuse

Additional Resources for Professionals

Pain as a 5th Vital Sign – Fax Referral Form

Tools, Resources & Support for Patients and Families

Pain Management Page for Patients & Families

A Guide to Understanding & Managing Your Pain

Prepare for Your Visit

Myths and Truths

Resource List for Patients & Families

Pain Management Resource Directory 



Initial community outcome measures from 2002 include:

  • Reduction in utilization of meperedine and propoxyphene
  • Appropriate utilization of opioids and acetaminophen combination analgesics

Since 2004 the focus of the Community Principles of Pain Management (CPPM) has been on appropriate opioid utilization.

Healthcare and Community Collaboration: A Health Plan Model to Improve End-of-life Care
presented at World Congress Care Coordination Conference 10/24/06 [pdf]

Special thanks to the Specialty Advisory Group (SAG), 2014.