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Who should use the Resource Directory?

There is something for everyone in the Resource Directory. Whether you are a patient looking for answers, a concerned family member who wants to help, or a healthcare professional educating yourself about important end-of-life issues, you can find the right resources here.

Some resources listed have been designed for use by patients and family members, while others are more appropriate for healthcare professionals. You can tell whether a resource is appropriate for you by looking for the different icons:

Compassion For Patients and Families.
You should not need medical expertise in order to benefit from the material found in these resources.
Medical Staff For Healthcare Professionals.
In-depth information that you can use for yourself, or strategies for helping your patients.

This is merely a guide. Often resources are useful for patients, families and professionals.

How to use the Resource Directory

The Resource Directory is organized by 5 key topics in end-of-life care:

There is a sixth section with Comprehensive Resources (resources that cover topics in more than one category) and Related Topics.

NEW! We have created a seventh section of the Resource Directory titled "Compassion And Support Video Library."  The Video Library houses all of our videos related to advance care planning and end-of-life care.

To find the information you need, first click on the appropriate topic to take you to that page. From there, subtopics will be listed with the resources, the user icons (Compassion or Medical Staff) will be placed next to individual resources to show who they’re meant for , and a rating will be given in the form of a 5-star system. The more stars, the better the resource. Resources were rated based on how simply they could be navigated, the quality of information that they presented, whether they were up-to-date, and how easy they were to use.

Special Thanks

Special thanks go to James Madejski for carefully analyzing each of the websites listed in the Resource Directory. James did this work as part of his Eagle Scout Project for Boy Scout Troop 164 in Albion, NY. James organized a team of website surveyors to look through the links displayed on each of the pages of the Resource Directory. James and his team carefully read through each website and made notes about each one. They determined who the website was designed for, and gave it a rating depending on a number of factors. James then organized the information that he and his team had gathered, and put it into a chart that summed up the findings about each of the websites. The Resource Directory that you see here is the result of his hard work and the effort of everyone he organized.