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Mission, vision, goals and objectives and projects of The Community-Wide End of Life/Palliative Care Initiative were developed by an Advisory Group comprised of individuals representing a full spectrum of consumers, health care providers and caregivers. This group was charged with setting direction for, overseeing, and ensuring the implementation of a set of broad End-of-Life/Palliative Care projects.

The recommendations summarized in the Report to the Rochester Community served as the starting point for the establishment of goals that included:

  • Everyone should have an opportunity to complete a comprehensive Advance Directive.
  • The health care community should adopt a comprehensive Advance Directive that all area practitioners and institutions will honor.
  • Patients should be referred to Hospice earlier so that the social, spiritual and psychological components of suffering can be addressed.
  • Practitioners and health care facilities should establish comprehensive pain assessment and treatment standards at every site of care.
  • Health care institutions should be encouraged to set performance goals and track basic statistics regarding end-of-life care.