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NHDD NYS Colleges & Universities Coalition

April 16, 2011 

Contact Us and your student leader on campus to join the coalition.  Join us on Facebook and Twitter, visit the Compassion And Support Facebook page.

Goal:  Increase conversations that lead to completion of health care proxies among college and university students.

  • Empower college and university students to develop and implement activities and events that achieve the goal.
  • Develop a strategy and plan to integrate information on the value of Health Care Proxies, including the Advance Care Planning Booklet, into the admissions process for incoming freshman in NYS colleges and universities.

Leader:  Mary Beth Morrissey
Student Co-leaders:  Teddy Morrissey and Keilah Roberts

 Events and Activities

Please contact Katie Orem with a PDF or flyer of your NHDD event to be posted below.

Rochester Region

  • Monroe Community College 
  • Nazareth College: Student Leader - Keilah Roberts, NHDD NYS Co-Leader of NHDD Colleges & Universities Coaltion and Student Liason - David W. Steitz, PhD
  • Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT): Student Leader - TBD
  • St. John Fisher
  • SUNY Brockport: Student Leader
  • University of Rochester (U of R)

Western New York Region

  • Buffalo State College - NHDD NYS Liaison - Mary Durlak
  • Hougton College - NHDD NYS Liaison - Lynne Palmier
  • Alfred State College - NHDD NYS Liaison - Lynne Palmier
  • Alfred University - NHDD NYS Liaison - Lynne Palmier

Central New York Region

  • Ithaca College: NHDD NYS Liaison - Betty Falcao
  • Syracuse University: Student Leader - Teddy Morrissey

Southern Tier Region

Albany/Capital District Region

  • Albany Law School:  Student Leader - Alaina Bergerstock; NHDD NYS Liaison - Patricia Spreitzer
    17th Annual Senior Citizen's Law Day - Saturday, April 2, 2011
  • SUNY Albany: Student Leaders - Alexandra Zimmerman-O'Clair & Patricia Whitman; NHDD NYS Liaison - Patricia Spreitzer

Utica/North Counrty Region

New York Metropolitan Region - Hudson Valley Area

  • Fordham University: NHDD NYS Coalition Liaison - Mary Beth Morrissey
  • Dominican College: Student Leader - Heather Augliera; NHDD NYS Coalition Liaison - Mimi Hoffman

New York Metropolitan Region - Long Island Area

  • Hunter College: Student Leader - Terri Lavelle

New York Metropolitan Region - NY City Area        

Richmond/Staten Island Area


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